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How can a Murphy Wall Bed help you?

Whether you own, lease or rent your home and no matter if you live in a high rise condominium or a traditional house, a Murphy Bed could be just the answer to you space issues. Our wall beds help you make the most of the most limited living areas and are efficient, economical and can even be installed by yourself. As well, side cabinets and shelving units will compliment your Murphy Wall Bed and may also be a great way to add additional storage space to you home. Remember, all of our wall beds utilize genuine life time guaranteed Murphy Bed Hardware - Which is a very important difference between a wall bed by another manufacturer and a genuine Murphy Wall Bed!

Do you already have a Murphy Bed or perhaps a wall bed from another manufacturer in need of repairs or a tune up? Are you moving and need your Murphy Wall Bed dismantled and reassembled? As long as you're located in or near the greater Toronto area we may be able to help you - But even if your not we still be able to help! If what you own is a wall bed furnished with genuine Murphy Wall Bed Hardware we are almost certainly able to help you but even if you don't, or are not sure of the wall bed manufacturer or origin of wall bed hardware, we still may be able to help you and have done so for many people experiencing problems ranging from weak springs, alignment issues to near or complete system failure! We can also help you move your wall bed too if you don't want to try it yourself and/or the company from whom you purchased your wall bed cannot or will not help.  

Some Murphy Bed options to consider...

Vertical Tilt Murphy Wall Bed Dimensions

(Below dimensions utilize both Aluminum or Steel Murphy hardware)

  • Single - 44.5"W x 80"H x 85" long when open
  • Double - 59.5"W x 80"H x 85" long when open
  • Queen - 65.5"W x 85"H x 90" long when open
  • King - 83.5"W x 85"H x 90" long when open

Side Tilt Murphy Wall  Bed Dimensions

(Below dimensions utilize both Aluminum or Steel Murphy hardware)

  • Single - 80"W x 47.25"H x 49" long when open
  • Double - 80"W x 62.25"H x 64" long when open
  • Queen - 85"W x 68.25"H x 70" long when open

Murphy Bed door panel Styles

  • Modern/Flat panel - Contemporary Euro look
  • Raised Panel - Traditional look
  • Shaker trim - Traditional look
  • Box trim - Contemporary look but with traditional influence
  • "Library" style wall beds


  • A special mattress is not required but if you supply your own mattress 10" is the suggested maximum thickness for a standard Murphy Wall Bed cabinet - Greater mattress thicknesses may be accommodated with certain modifications.

Murphy Bed Hardware of Canada hardware kits and mechanisms

For all the Do It Yourself people out there we have the following Murphy bed hardware kits for you to choose from and pick up at our Toronto Murphy Wall Bed Showroom or we can ship to you.

  • Elite Aluminum frame foundation - King/Queen/Double/Twin
  • Supreme Steel frame foundation - Queen/Double/Twin
  • Extended Leg Options for either of above frame foundations - Accommodates 12" & 14" thick mattresses (Standard leg accommodates up to 10" thick mattress)
  • Extra length (Queen length) For Single & Double width frames
  • Bi-Fold or In-Closet style (Floor & wall mounted options)

Side Cabinets and shelving units to go with your Murphy bed cabinets with many options to choose from, a few of which are listed below here

  • Wardrobes
  • Bookshelves
  • Pull-Out night tables
  • Drawers
  • File Drawers
  • Drop down desk/sewing tables,
  • Lighting