Frequently Asked Questions about our Murphy Wall Beds ®

How does a Murphy Bed create a multi-purpose room?
The wallbed cabinet is only 16 inches deep, and tilts up against, and is fixed onto the wall with four screws.  By raising the bed up off the floor and against a wall, a minimum of 30 square feet is instantly freed up leaving the majority of a room available for other uses.  Everyone has their own individual reasons but essentially customers need or want rooms to be a multi-functional, such as home office, entertainment, exercise but also to have the flexibility to comfortably accommodate over night guests. Your need not maintain a dedicated guest room that serves no other function.  With the addition of a Murphy Wall-Bed to your home, rooms may instantly transform into a bedroom.

What sizes do Murphy Beds come in, and how much room do they take up?

Vertical bed
Height   Protrusion into room
80"                      85”
80"                      85”
85"                      90”
Side-tilt bed
Height   Protrusion into room
48"                     49”
63"                     64”
69"                     70”

Side cabinets (14 designs to choose from) are 14” deep x 22” wide x 77.5” high.

Murphy Beds or Wall beds - Is there a difference?
The short answer is yes. The term wall bed is generic and applies to any manufacturer producing bed systems which may be stored in an upright position when not in use but as with any product, there are substantial differences in terms of product quality. There is even consumer confusion with respect to the name Murphy Bed as there are are two manufacturers in North America entitled to use the name "Murphy Bed" - The U.S. based Murphy Hardware Company and the Canadian based Murphy Hardware of Canada company but it is only the Canadian designed system which is a self contained simple system requiring only minor attachment to a wall unlike the U.S. counterpart which requires the bed hardware to be lagged/bolted directly to a floor obviously causing substantial damage.   

Can I use my own mattress?
Yes, however please make sure you have it available when your Murphy Wall-bed is being installed to allow the bed to be correctly balanced.  Our standard leg will accommodate a mattress up to 10" thick. Extended leg options are available to accommodate thicker substantially mattresses.
If you would like us to provide the mattress we offer two choices: The Nagano Never Turn continuous coil or the Albertville Never Turn pocket coil – And just as the names suggest both mattresses are maintenance free and come with a 10 year non-prorated manufacturer warranty. Your Murphy Wall Bed will provide a very comfortable nights sleep on a regular bed mattress - unlike a futon, sofa bed or day bed.

Can the bedding be left in place when the Murphy Bed is closed?
Yes, the bedding may be folded in and the pillows placed under the Velcro strap provided.

Do I need a box spring?

No, a box spring is not required as the tilting bed platform takes the place of a box spring.

When would a side-tilt Murphy Wall Bed be used?

Side-tilt beds are frequently used in narrow rooms or in areas with low ceilings such as attics or some basements.  The bed cabinet is wider in the side-tilt position, but the bed does not protrude as far into the room when it is in the lowered position (see chart above for dimensions).

I'm not sure where I could put a Murphy Wall Bed or how to possibly include other cabinetry such as desks, side cabinets, and wall units in the same space?
We can assist you in the design and construction by using computer generated line drawings and three-dimensional images to help you visualize your room.

What materials are available for the construction of Murphy Wall Beds and side cabinetry?

We offer two basic material formats to choose from: Wood veneers & economical Melamine. With veneer we offer Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Ebony Macassar, Wenge, Zebrano, and Black Ash as stock species, however, many others are available by special order too. With Melamine we offer seven wood grain patterns ranging from light Froth of Sea & Hardrock Maple to medium tone Amber Pear, Candlelight & Summer Flame to dark Chocolate Pear & Jet Black with many others available on special order. Veneers are mounted on 3/4" furniture grade ply core while durable Melamine is mounted on ¾” formaldehyde free particle core. We also offer painted wood products too such as simulated raised panel.

Is flooring damaged when installing a Murphy Wall Bed or side cabinets?
Absolutely not! Unlike other wall bed manufacturers, our genuine Murphy Bed of Canada Hardware allows the bed cabinet to simply sit on finished flooring and is merely attached to a wall with two - three small angle brackets as opposed other manufacturers which require attachment to the floor resulting in costly to repair and permanent damage.

If I move, can I take my Murphy Wall Bed with me?

Yes - The bed cabinet is simply secured to a wall with a few screws unlike floor mounted versions as described above.  Upon removal of the bed there are only a few screw holes to repair in your drywall - Just like holes for picture hooks.  However, many of our customers also find that they are able to recover the full cost of their bed unit when selling their home, as the purchasers appreciate the built-in appearance and function of the wall-bed.

Is there a warranty on the Murphy Bed mechanism & hardware?

Yes, Murphy Bed Hardware Inc is internationally recognized as having the best product in the industry and for that reason backs their ISO 9002 produced hardware with a Lifetime warranty to the consumer unmatched by any other wall bed hardware company in the world - Just ask any of our competitors to find out for yourself!